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A young Deaf woman attends a social event, a 70s fancy dress party, for the first time after the death of her mother. She is still struggling with her grief and with facing people until she met a mysterious stranger, who entertained her. He makes her comfortable with herself and then disappeared when she is able to enjoy the party, only to crop up later on in the most unexpected place.

Format : Beta video / Colour / Music / Subtitled / BSL (British Sign Language)

Visual Aspect : 35mm 1.66:1 Ratio

Duration: 13mins 36 secs

Year: 2002

My comments

Here it is. I hope the quality is now good enough to view on your monitors. This film was a collaboration between me, Gene (my wife now!) and Patrick Wright. Bim joined in as our director and got this vehicle moving with his experience. Of course, none of this wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who have made a fantastic effort to make this film possible as we were on £2,000 budget

By the way, It looked miles better on the big silver screen. We didn’t have any experienced lights person hence the moody and surreal atmosphere. I think it actually added flavour to the film.

It was memorable experience and I so wanted to carry on after that if it wasn’t for the need to earn a decent crust. As soon as I can afford a camcorder and more powerful computer, I am going to give film-making another go and create more films as I really enjoyed it.

Happy viewing and credits to all who was involved or contributed towards it.

4 thoughts on “Skye”

  1. I must say I am impressed with this small flik.

    Good film making. Good technique. Yeah, sometimes the unexpected adds to the finished product. It happens in all media, so don’t worry too much re the lighting.

    I would like to see what you can do with a really good script/story. A musical even.

    Heck, I wouldn’t mind making a film with you.

    I’m gonna do a blog post abt this for The Devils Playground!

  2. Thanks for your compliment. 🙂

    Bim and I are keen to work together again however he already forging miles ahead in this field as he’s currently an editor at SeeHear. However, he is always looking out for new ideas and he had previously made signed music videos. So if you can draw up a synopsis then perhaps I might get somewhere with him.

    I got some stories under my belt but they need writing up, time and money. Even for a short film, it is a long process.

  3. Re the music u could do some killer ones. I never seen deaf do what u did with the music was top, captioned, but the sign was easy to follow with the flow of the film. You know how to capture sign.

    As for synopsis, at this stage, I am “struggling” to write the story of this deaf boy who wants to be a rock star. It’s take on the faustian bargain..I have 4 versions, novel, musical, rock opera and screen play to consider..each with a diff viewpoint..

    Yeh they do take ages to write……

  4. Found this on vimeo itself and blogged it this morning. And now I find your blog!

    I especially like the way signing is captured, the lighting is awesome, and the acting, while framed appropriately, is natural. My favorite part was the incorporation of that “Don’t Worry” song in the middle.

    Thanks!!! Will be watching for more material.

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