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Complaint to BBC

Wrote a complaint to BBC. This lack of regard can’t go on.

I wish to make my feeling known that I am thoroughly disappointed to see no sign language provision for such an important event. Mandela represented freedom from oppression and celebrated diversity. I am crestfallen that South African news saw fit to provide sign language in their news segment where BBC did not. BBC is supposed to be world leader in terms of broadcast quality and reach but unfortunately you have failed to step up to truly reflect the true vision of Mandela’s philosophy which is to be inclusive. Pleased correct me if I am mistaken in thinking BBC is a public service where we have TV licence users who’s primary language is British Sign Language.


Here’s what happened on SA News:

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Now – the lady in the blue box is the bonafide and fully trained interpreter. But, who’s the hell is that guy next to world leaders? Well, we are not quite sure. Here’s the story:

Deaf News: ‘Fake’ sign language interpreter mars Nelson Mandela service for Deaf people worldwideFor many UK-based Deaf viewers of the Nelson Mandela service today, something didn’t seem quite right about the sign language interpreter (scroll down for video) who stood to the side of the various speakers, ‘interpreting’ what they were saying for the benefit of South Africa’s Deaf population.

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