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Not fit for purpose?

Awww, heck. I am past caring now whether I get banned from Deaf UK.Ā The antics of the moderator have gone too far and left me pretty disillusioned and feeling down in the heart. Members on Deaf UK are also pretty fed up with all this ongoings, which never seemed to have gone ever since the infamous 4 got banned.

I just wanna put a flag up about the poor chap, Rob Wilks. To me,Ā it is theĀ moderator’s very public character attackĀ onĀ Rob Wilks have left me completed aghast and rattled my sense of injustice. Moderator called Rob dishonest, a liar and a crap solictor. When I suggested that if the moderator wanted to express his views, I never expected that and, Rob’s blogs in question, certainly didn’t warrant that. Rob, I am really sorry all this has come about as I feel somehow responsible.

Various postings, in response to the post, have now gone off inĀ several direction relating to the definition of audism andĀ a revival of Deaf UK, under a different title,Ā just like it used to be.Ā 

I just want to bring the attention back to Rob, who is the real victimĀ in all this. I am struggling to identify where in Rob have said in hisĀ blogs (this one andĀ this)Ā that is considered inflammable and defamatoryĀ towards DUK moderator in particular. There were some negative and disparagingĀ takes about DUK moderating style andĀ RobĀ did highlight what others have said about this. No attacks was made on the moderator on the personal level and about the moderator’s attributes. So,Ā on both blogs, it is opinions and observations on the current state of affairs within the Deaf community and DUK – huh, so what.

Anyway, it is sheer hypocrisy that gets me whenĀ the moderatorĀ attacked Rob Wilks so publicly and so personally. The moderator is on dangerous grounds when he declared Rob is a crap solicitorĀ using information based on ‘hearsay’ (as repeated in BSL –Ā seen on this vlog) – isn’tĀ thisĀ tantamount to libel?Ā Rob is a young trainee solicitor and quite possibly have plans to represent Deaf people on a professional basis since he is a Deafie himself.Ā Furthermore, Rob write his blogsĀ as a DeafĀ person but not in his professional capacity. This so-public attack will be detrimental on his reputation, so early in his career,Ā unless the moderator make a public apology (but it will still leave a cloud over Rob nonetheless). Now,Ā let me bring you toĀ a segment of the recent draft policy circulated on Deaf-UK recently by the moderator.

11. Personal attacks are NOT allowed. These should be dealt with
outside of Deaf-UK. No `third-party’ attacks will be allowed either.
Deaf people always direct to 3rd person is not allowed either.

I rest my case.

For a more detailed version of how we have arrived here, have a look at Tony N’s blogĀ for a general idea of the ongoings.

P.S. I wish I could vlog this so a webcam is on my shopping list – a very looong shopping list btw.

6 thoughts on “Not fit for purpose?”

  1. Fine points, but what’s worrying is that if you posted that to DUK, there’s always the doubt that it might well get blocked. Therefore many people in DUK who still aren’t aware of blogging will get a one sided story.

    Regarding vlogging – let me know if you want a hand in how to post videos on your blog šŸ™‚


  2. I didn’t post this to Deaf UK as mark of respect to other members who want this to stop. Secondly, I have a feeling it will get blocked.

    Will bear that in mind about your offer re vlogging. Does it involves sitting in a dreary commuter train, wearing shades and talking to a wobbly mobile? šŸ˜€

  3. Worse than that actually…

    I know what you mean about not posting to Deaf-UK – I meant that if you did, it would be blocked – hence my point about DUK being a sounding board that reflect only what one person thinks.

    Ah well, no worries, I’ll just quietly let it implode on itself.

  4. Post on Deaf-uk-chat if you like but to be honest I don’t to use it as a moan about that list.
    Hopefully those that do not like blogging and prefer mailinglist/forum are welcome to it.

    Hope you will be adding subtitles to you vlog.. but don’t worry if your only adding vlog in between text like other blogs.. but hey who to tell you what to do after all its your blog šŸ™‚

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