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New BSL app for iPhone

This landed in my inbox this morning.

British Sign Language Trainer



The marketing blurb goes like this:

Did you ever want to learn sign language?

Here is your chance to learn how to spell words in sign language. All 26 signs corresponding to the characters of the alphabet are displayed on the screen as buttons.

The buttons are in alphabetical order, making it easy to learn each sign. You’ll be able to spell anything that you like in a short amount of time.

If you are unsure if you are spelling the correct sign, just press the button to display the corresponding character.

Once you are proficient with the alphabet and you would like to continue training, give your iPhone to a friend, spell a word or sentence in sign language and have them translate what you just spelled.

Have fun mastering the british sign language alphabet

If you have used it or going to use it, it would be great if you could leave a feedback. I am not an iPhone user. I am going for N97 for my next phone but felt this new product is newsworthy although the title of the app is misleading. You don’t actually learn BSL as the app only contains the fingerspelt alphabet. Learning the alphabet doesn’t means you will acquire a language however this will be useful for novice signers enrolled on Level 1 BSL course.

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