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Good morning, America

In response to the latest post by MM, there are certain things which doesn’t quite rings true or got me baffled.

The title “Wake Up, America” is confounding. Wake up, America, to do what? To watch the whole drama to unfold on a distant shore? MM alerting USA as an early warning system to prevent similar Bill being drafted in USA and thus preserving the strain of genetically Deaf people well into the 22nd Century? Perhaps not….

The last time I read is that the couple in the video are very likely to utilise the IVF programme due to Paula’s age.

The argument is not about pro-this and anti-that. It is about upholding the democratic principle on freedom of choice, which MM have rightly touched upon but presented it to suit his views. I, myself as parent, still wouldn’t know which path to take if I am faced with this situation. The principle in this case is about freedom of choice which I fully support and I concur that MM is correct to say it is down to the parents to make that choice. I ask, does that apply to all parents regardless of their belief, religion, culture? If that is the case, then we have freedom of choice. If not, I do wonder.

In certain area of the HFEB, it was shown that the Bill have set out to remove the choice of a Deaf parent for a deaf child whereas permit the hearing parent to choose a hearing child. To a hearing person, that would strike as a logical choice and I would like to emphasise that it *is* logical to a hearing person and to a person who thinks like a “hearing person”. What would strike as a logical choice for Deaf parents who is so confident of their cultural upbringing? I have a good idea but I wouldn’t like to second guess that and, at the same time, I would not want to take away that choice. You cannot be prescriptive about what are other parent’s choices are, at the risk of coming across didactic and intolerant.

Ultimately it is down to the parents. Not interference from the Government.

You can go back to bed now!

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  1. If you agree why waste a blog ? I was drawing attention to the fact had given extensive coverage already to this issue, IDC, stop eugenics, posted dozens of blogs about it, the recent re-hashing I thought was pointless. I posted the FIRST coverage of this issue on and the interview itself. I Posted it AGAIN for those who obviously missed it… Stop eugenics owes me 🙂

    I am against opposition to the Bill, as are MP’s who voted for it. We ARE allowed to do that ! Mainstream/society whatever it is called now, want illness and disability rid of, there is little doubt about this, we can afford to be annoyed while no alternatives exist and no choice does, but these choices are coming now, if we don’t make them someone else WILL. There is no common asent in the wider deaf community, someone has to make a decision.

    I don’t believe Tomatoe and Lichy were honest. Deaf people have considerable issues, most of it down to the fact they cannot HEAR, acquired and deafened pretty much panned everything she said as insensitive and uncaring of those who struggle with deafness, who had their backs to the wall as it is, being called moaners and whiners by people like them, we’re bored of the ‘blame’ culture, (some), of these ‘Deaf’ operate, so are fighting back.

    That the deaf couple THEN went on to demand the same rights to elimante a hearing embryo in favour of a deaf one “How do I tell my daughter she can’t have a deaf sibling ?”, you DON’T !! since when do we ask out children what type of sibling they want ? That IS designer children. She advocated the very thing she went on TV to oppose… I don’t feel any guilt for stating I hope the next generation doesn’t have to endure what we did.

    Sorry being deaf isn’t fun for everyone…

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