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Geeky question – just to get my appetite going….

Hiya all

How do you get a machine which is dual booted for Windows XP and Ubuntu Feisty Gibbon to have a shared folder between them platforms?

More blogs to come…..

10 thoughts on “Geeky question – just to get my appetite going….”

  1. I don’t use Ubuntu, but I do use Slackware.

    That said, I’m not really sure what you’re asking, but if I’m assuming correctly, if you’re in Ubuntu you just need to mount your XP partition in a directory such as /mnt/windows. If you do this, you won’t be able to write to the XP partition, but you’ll be able to copy files from there. If you want to write to the XP partition, you’ll need to install ntfs-3g (I’m not sure what that would be called in the Ubuntu repositories though).

    If you’re in XP, you won’t be able to mount Ubuntu partitions because XP doesn’t recognize the various filesystems that Linux uses. Instead, you could create a FAT partition which would be recognized by both XP and Ubuntu. You could put your directories and files there and then you’d be able to access them from XP or Ubuntu.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Note this comment from the Lifehacker link:

    BY ENINE AT 01/25/08 10:56 AM

    I don’t agree with keeping data on the windows side if your not going to make a shared partiton, keep it on the side you will use most. Same with a shared partition, format it a file system native to the mostused OS. My dual boot I have a shared partition running ext3 and am using the ext3 driver for windows for the three times a year I might boot windows.

    Myself I use Windows just for few exclusive software that does not run on Linux and need 3D (games mainly) – this is currently just a game called “Gears of War” since I could play all my other games in Linux via Wine etc (EVE Online and Team Fortress 2 (and the other Half Life series games) and the ever so short but so excellent Portal – all runs well in Linux via Wine although EVE Online now have a official Linux client which I now use)

    Just switch to Ubuntu full time 🙂 If you’re serious about learning Linux, best way is to put Windows on a crap spare PC or something and just use Linux full time. It means any problem etc you must deal with instead of going with lazy option and just switching to Windows etc – you learn much faster this way.

  3. Thanks to everybody who chipped in within this post.

    @JGJones: what are the minimum h/w specs for GoW? Got mates who constantly harass me to get an Xbox 360, which I can’t afford nor a top priority case (i.e. new fences more important – stop my daughter wandering off when the lovely weather arrive!)

  4. The GoW – it’s VERY hard (jeez) – much harder than the XBox360 version on account of it using mouse/keyboard combo which is always gonna trash a controller when it comes to FPS style game.

    However the PC version comes with updated graphics (new engine and all that) so the spec is probably higher…will look…and…it’s….2.4GHz Intel or 2.0GHz AMD (no mention of dual core support) with 1GB of RAM and 12GB of HDD space and GeForce 6600+/ATI X700+.

    Quite high. It runs very well on my laptop (which is 2.2GHz dual core 2, 2GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 6800 GTS M)

  5. Tony – if you’re after a bit of quick fun etc…I really recommend getting Team Fortress 2/Half Life 2 et al (aka the Orange Box package) – specs are much lower but graphically more impressive IMHO and TF2 is pure fun online 🙂 If you do get that one, let me know and I’ll meet ya on a server.

  6. yes then the next minute its 6 am … and she gets up and yer ratty!

    so we are going to lose tony b to an xbox ..what about the rest of us what are we going to read instead of his blog

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