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Co-operation raises £1 million for the deaf

Co-operation raises £1 million for the deaf

I am proud to announce that with the generous help of the Cumbrian public, the 37 local Co-operative stores in the area and other Co-operative businesses throughout the UK, £1 million has been raised so far for RNID (The Royal National Institute for Deaf People).

The Co-op has chosen the RNID as this year’s charity

This is fantastic news and I wish to thank all those who have donated to this very worthwhile cause at their local Cumbrian Co-operative store, even through these difficult times. This money will enable RNID to do even more to help people adjust to life with a hearing loss, and to campaign for people to take their hearing health seriously.

The Co-operative has chosen RNID as its charity of the year for 2009, and we have been overwhelmed by the support of staff, members and customers. However, it is a sad fact that it can take people up to 15 years to acknowledge hearing difficulties.

RNID’s message is simple; if you have hearing difficulties, dial nnnnnnn or visit to check your hearing now.

Chief Executive RNID

No mention of the word “deaf” in the letter by Jackie,  except for RNId’s full name.  However, the newspaper headlined the article with the word “deaf”. On the public front, is the word “deaf” now taboo at RNId?

Our representation is getting skewed here cos the letter publicly state that it is RNId’s remit to look after the hearing people’s hearing/hearing loss – which is a no bad thing – but masquerading under the “Deaf” banner is misleading and the press is not helping the situation. They should drop that from their name. I have the feeling the money will never reach the real Deaf people at grassroots and get passed around over our heads.

Everything about us, without us.

Source: News & Star

8 thoughts on “Co-operation raises £1 million for the deaf”

  1. Most will recall I wrote to the co-operative  society asking them to put strings on any money they raise for the RNID, because genuine deaf people were prevented from being involved in the application of  the money.  I think where the charity asks for fund raising it should be for a specific and not ‘general’ purpose of helping 9 million poor dumbos like us. 

    As Ms Ballard dumped deaf training twice in 2 years, I suggested to the co-op they ask the RNID allocate money given for that  as t Ms Ballard’s reason given was no money for it.   I asked the co-op could they suggest to the RNID (!) the funds go partially to training deaf for their own empowerment and to work AT The RNID so they were more involved as users of services in the application of  it.  The Co-op said no… they hadn’t the authority (Whit !!!), to ask that (Not even when THEY are giving the money ?), and the RNID  STILL has no committment to use this £1m for deaf empowerment.

    So sod them, I don’t want their money going to the RNID for causes like sexy ears and ear plugs for hearing rock addicts,  too stupid to take the ipod out of their ears.  Do as I do, lobby business and attack the RNID fund raising at source,  put OUR view as well as just sitting there allowing the RNID to do it.  It’s no good talking to ourselves hit them where it hurts in the pocket.  Our only clout is we are grass roots, use it or be dependent on the RNID ad infinitum..

  2. This is the reason why I am putting this up and ensuring it is searchable via the search engines. The public deserve to know both sides of the coin AND they are entitled to know where money will ends up. We have other campaigns. which clearly explains how the money will be spent i.e. Water Aid, Sponsor an African kid (inoculation or education). I would rather a deaf charity to campaign for my rights – not piecemeal access as that be one of the knock-on effects through greater rights, among other thing – such as self-esteem and self-determination in society etc etc.

  3. I contacted fund givers to the RNID at source.  They said they had no position to insist where the various charities spend the money, they appear totally uncaring where the money goes and just happy with the Kudos of raising it.  I asked “Do you KNOW where your donation went ? what it was spent on  or for ?” they said no.  I said if you do not care where your million quid goes, give it to me…… 35% of what the coop raised goes on wages for hearing people… for one year.

     They are totally reliant on the chartable spin of “We assist 9 million people, who otherwise would get damn all…” so give them money. Most who raise money for charity have NO idea why they do it or know where the dosh goes.  It’s a charity it must be doing good, end of involvement… where are the ethics in giving money to people without knowing where or how it is spent ? this suggest commerce is too stupid to inquire.  The co-op should know better as their charitable fund-raising is all mooted to be via ethics, someone blundered obviously !  Do they know the RNID invests in groups deaf people oppose etc, where is the moral stance by fund givers ?  Does the co-op know they are funding the Health and Safety dept for the government via the RNID ?  Sexy ear competitions ? ear plugs ?

    That is our purpose in being there at the RNID’s of this world to make donors aware WHY money is needed, and offering feedback as to WHERE it goes,  The RNID gets lucky a group raises money for them, both slap each other on the backs, and we are back to square one.  The RNID are the biggest charity bar none, this also suggests they are a monopoly and that is bad for choice, or indeed offers us no alternative.  Are charities exempt from the monopolies laws, yes they are !  What support do you want ? the RNID or the RNID, that’s choice ?   The Derrings and BDA’s of this world haven’t a hope to compete with the corporate RNID.

  4. As a footnote a complaint sent to the co-op’s ‘ethical’ charity committee taken freom their own site,  was returned as  ‘Unknown’ and ‘no such contact’   lol…

  5. I would strongly advise against writing off Dering’s chances but then again, I am biased 🙂
    Look like the “ethical” charidee committee’s link is somewhat a misnomer! Heartening that the email server agreed with us. 🙂

  6. The thing about Derrings, is that the RNID at this time cannot ‘officialy’ compete, they would then be a business and not a charity so would have to pay taxes like everyone else.  However, plans are afoot by the RNID  (As publisihed via comment of Brian LAmb there), of political lobbying to their employer (HM government! mainly !),  to change the charitable law (The Charity Commission is also heavily staffed with 3rd sector and government lackies and MP’s too),  to allow the RNID and other ‘service providers’ to do just that, i.e. compete.  In that respect could Derrings see off a £50m a year corporation witha  national base ?   that gets tax exemption too ?  Once the RNID loses ground to deaf agencies, they move in and asset strip them, or undermine them.  Just like the zeroed the BDA… The government WILL back the RNID, because it is them or the state has to provide services itself,  and we have more clout to lobby the state too…  This way the state cannot lose.

  7. You’re very much mistaken in the opening statement. You haven’t done your research.
    I seems to me that Lamb was referring to greater freedom to advertise and campaign/lobby their objectives. They are not being restricted when bidding for employment services, outsourced by JobCentre+. They have done this before, many times.
    Besides, there is only one ‘R’ in Dering.

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