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Anytime, anyone….and you too

To follow up my last post:

recorded message ongoing,…….if you are calling about thenumebr you are calling abuot enter the full number ga
01332232xxx ga
order bt vision change package or talk about order 1 stop service 2 technical with bt vision 3 bills 4 ga
4 ga
please hold for an advisor………Read More »Anytime, anyone….and you too

Anytime, anyone….except you(!)

I am currently looking to reduce my telecomms bills at the moment – ever since I’ve been made redundant back at the start of September. Since then, my monthly phone/broadband bills have increased somewhat between 60 to 80%. It is all because of the 08xx numbers linked to various Government services, notably the JobCentre and Tax Credits office – plus other ad-hoc calls linked to my current predicament.

In short, I got to pay if I want information about jobs. There are free phones provided down at the JobCentres but they are no good Read More »Anytime, anyone….except you(!)

Gold-plated service

At the behest of Alison Byran of G.O.D.

Apologies for the lengthy break away from blogging. Things have been mad at work, plus an impending new addition to our new family, plus sustained efforts throughout Autumn to renovate the 2nd half of our house in readiness for the new addition. Oh well, life happened!

I started my Xmas holidays early – on 16th Dec – hee hee, Xmas glee! Whilst out Xmas shopping, I had an impromtu shear – haircut – so, as per usual, my hearing aid are taken off. Typically, I am always asked to take them off by the barber and, as per usual, the barber still try to strike up a conversation as if I am a hearing person. Read More »Gold-plated service


This is going to be a short vent. This afternoon, after a long period of absent, I find myself calling Tax Credit Office via Typetalk on my minicom (picture me using my thumb to wipe… Read More »Tripetalk

DeafBlind Communicator

Extracted from Pattaya People (Thailand newspaper)

An exciting new portable device for deaf-blind people allows them to have face-to-face conversations, make phone calls using a text relay service and communicate by SMS.

The Deaf-Blind Communicator (DBC) consists of a Braille note-taker linked by Bluetooth to a mobile phone. Using the device, a deaf-blind person can have real time conversations in pubs and shops, with sighted friends or when conducting confidential meetings – for example with a doctor or solicitor.Read More »DeafBlind Communicator

This is a brilliant website, which can source photos from your Flickr/Picasa/Photobucket etc website or upload it. It will also look at music files on your laptop or you can choose one of theirs. The… Read More »