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This is a brilliant website, which can source photos from your Flickr/Picasa/Photobucket etc website or upload it. It will also look at music files on your laptop or you can choose one of theirs. The whole process took me 5 minutes and this is the result. A great way to jazz up and personalise your photo collections……..

N.B. If the embedded video doesn’t load, click on this link.

3 thoughts on “”

  1. GIGO Tony ! garbage in garbage out ! it has been primed to reject MM 🙁 you just get directed to a vid somewhere on utube… like deaf are going to make any sense of that. It even rejects your e-mail address… looks like an excuse to plug obscure rock bands.

  2. I’ve had this a while and uploaded it to Facebook – it’s a bit of fun. It didn’t direct me to Youtube or reject my email address – I read the instructions carefully.

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