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Anytime, anyone….and you too

To follow up my last post:

recorded message ongoing,…….if you are calling about thenumebr you are calling abuot enter the full number ga
01332232xxx ga
order bt vision change package or talk about order 1 stop service 2 technical with bt vision 3 bills 4 ga
4 ga
please hold for an advisor………hello you are through to bt sanjay speakign how can i help you ga
Hi Sanjay. I am not currently a BT customer at the moment but I have a query about the BT Anytime call plan. Are you able to assist me? ga

yes i can solve anything related to bt anytime plan gaGreat….as you may have noticed that I am calling through BT TextDirect service – which support calls from deaf people like me. Are you fully informed in that area? ga

hello ga

hello – did you get my last sentences? ga

yes ga

ok – I am currently with Virgin Media however since Ive been made redundant, my phone calls have gone up because of having to call 0845 and 0870 numbers. I noticed that BT Anytime will makes these calls free at anytime. I called Customer Services and they told me that my TextDirect calls to these numbers will not be free on this plan. Can you confirm this? ga

i need he bt account number first ga

I have already explained that I am not currently a BT customer but wished to be so. But I need to know beforehand if BT Anytime will make my phone calls to 0845/0870 – via TextDirect – free. ga

i will explain how unlimited anytime plan works under the plan any call made to any number which starts with 01 02 and 03 number along with that any number with 0845 and 0870 are free 24 hours 7 days aweek there are some limitations for the 0845 and 0870 numbers only 1000 minutres are fre for 0845 and 0870 numbers or 150 calls in a month only for the 0845 and 0870 numbers this does not include internet access dialled ga

That sounds fantastic to me and I would really like to be on that plan. But I am concerned that, because I am using TextDirect, I have to dial a prefix of 18001 and then the STD number followed by the phone numbers. I am concerned that your systems might not differientate from that and charge me because I didn’t dial the numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870. So, will your phone systems recognise that I am calling these numbers and give me a free cal? ga

i need to check on that for you can you please hold…….hello here will be no charages for dialling 1800 number for text relay ga

Brilliant – I can enjoy the benefits of BT Anytime same as anyone else then? ga

exactly you can ga

Many thanks for that information. Okey dokey, I will go back to the sales team and order my BT product. many thanks for your help. bibi sksk

you are most welcome bye bye thank you for using text relay. sk

Ofcom – you can breathe a sign of relief 🙂

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  1. I would sound a cautionary note. They will say anything to get people to sign up to BT. Especially anyone with an Indian name. I would get a second opinion from a BT rep, face to face.

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