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The 1st salvo


Wishful thinking, eh!

I don’t want to clutter deaf-chat-uk but I am beginning to see why other commentators have expressed their frustrations at MM (Mellow Meldrew). He is very effective at deflecting attention away from real core issues, which is very annoying. Best thing to do is click ‘Delete’ because he is not even a proper devil’s advocate – argumentative rather than take position for the sake of the argument.

6 thoughts on “The 1st salvo”

  1. Yeah I know, I have just been reading some of his blogs and following his comments in the past week – this is why I felt compelled to make a wee dig(but not digg) at him. His disinformation’s activities are not dissimiliar to Lord Haw Haw from WWII.

  2. To be honest I find him funny in a weird kind of way but then again I have lived on the border of Wales for years so that could explain my tolerance 🙂

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