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Complaint to BBC

Wrote a complaint to BBC. This lack of regard can’t go on. I wish to make my feeling known that I am thoroughly disappointed to see no sign language provision for such an important event. Mandela represented freedom from oppression and celebrated diversity. I am crestfallen that South African news saw fit to provide sign… Read More »Complaint to BBC

Holby City

Holby City

Hello…..hellooooooo *echoes bounced off the empty auditorium*. I won’t be surprised if no-one here to read this. I haven’t flexed my writing skills for a long time which, since I last wrote, have been mainly confined to writing rapid-fire emails in my line of work. I absolutely agree with the sentiments and the necessity for… Read More »Holby City

Save Deaf Children’s futures – A call to action

A MESSAGE FROM BDA CHIEF EXECUTIVE, DAVID BUXTON Dear members, supporters and friends PLEASE SIGN THE E-PETITION -SUPPORTING THE “DEAF CHILDREN FUTURES” CAMPAIGN We have been asked by Susan Daniels, CEO of the NDCS to help the NDCS Campaign to stop “public service cuts that are stealing deaf children’s futures”. We agree with this campaign… Read More »Save Deaf Children’s futures – A call to action