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British Telecom

Anytime, anyone….and you too

To follow up my last post:

recorded message ongoing,…….if you are calling about thenumebr you are calling abuot enter the full number ga
01332232xxx ga
order bt vision change package or talk about order 1 stop service 2 technical with bt vision 3 bills 4 ga
4 ga
please hold for an advisor………Read More »Anytime, anyone….and you too

Anytime, anyone….except you(!)

I am currently looking to reduce my telecomms bills at the moment – ever since I’ve been made redundant back at the start of September. Since then, my monthly phone/broadband bills have increased somewhat between 60 to 80%. It is all because of the 08xx numbers linked to various Government services, notably the JobCentre and Tax Credits office – plus other ad-hoc calls linked to my current predicament.

In short, I got to pay if I want information about jobs. There are free phones provided down at the JobCentres but they are no good Read More »Anytime, anyone….except you(!)