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The 1st step forward

After intensive reading and hopping between blogs, bloghost sites, blogware – I have taken the plunge and entered the blogosphere fully informed. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to talk about so I will just go with the flow until I find my feet and establish core areas. From looking at other blogs, they tend to be centred around several core issues, with drizzled with personal interests.

I chose the title because I went to see a Deaf comedian, called John Smith. His performance was brilliantly executed and timings/acting were spot on. His version of enforced oralism suffered throughout his childhood were hilarious, albeit a raw topic for majority of the audience. When hearing aids became the focus of ridicule, he asked the audience for a show of hands from hearing aid wearers. As a hearing aid wearer, I shrank in my seat as I do not want to be ridiculed especially after seeing his public humiliation of 4 hearing woman studying Level 1/2/3 BSL [way to go, Johnny boy!] – which was incidentally very funny too.

Going off the topic, there is a coffee table book called “Look at me” by Lisa Mills. According to the blurb, its a positive and visual book about Deaf awareness. I haven’t read it but the title already makes me cringe even though I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It deserves a closer attention from me and if I ever see it on someone’s devastatingly cool coffee table, I won’t resist the urge to pick it up. 

Having said that, it’s “Don’t look at me!”.

7 thoughts on “The 1st step forward”

  1. Don’t look at me, I thought you were sticking two fingers up at UKCoD! 🙂

    Welcome to blogosphere! I’ve added you to my RSS. Please blog about something, so we have an excuse to link to you.

  2. Yahoo! Another Deaf blogger!! Welcome aboard – and look forward to reading lots of exciting posts. Make sure you post regularly – I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your next post!

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