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Give Me A Sign

A plug for…..

A new teen blog and novel exploring deafness ‘Give Me a Sign’ for young adults, will be published by Flame Books on 1st July 2008.

About the book

Bullied at school, unhappy at home and seriously lacking in self-esteem,16-year-old Liz’s world is transformed when she meets Doug, who is deaf. But can their relationship survive the clash of culture between Deaf and hearing worlds?

About the blog

On the GIVE ME A SIGN teen blog at, the novel’s narrator, Liz will share her feelings for Doug and invite your comments.

Deaf young adults are encouraged to participate in the blog to share experience and views and to help educate hearing young people who may not know much about deafness.

Please spread the word to all deaf young adults,parents and educators. Follow the fictional web diary of 16-year-old Liz and post your views for others to read.

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