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PIP – Eligibility criteria

Pardon me for not blogging after such a long time. Also, pardon me for launching straight into a raging subject that have worked up Twitter into a moral outrage and people with disabilities up in arms. Pardon me for quickly putting together this post.

In the light of the current Welfare Reform, currently being brutally pushed through the House of Lords without so much scrutiny and analysis, one of the most contentious aspects of it is to replace Disability Living Allowance with PIP (Personal Independence Payment) for spurious reasons. (I hope I can have the opportunity to explain why later).

Last night, DWP have published the proposed thresholds points to guide the re-assessment part of the new PIP. This can be found here.

Below is taken from Benefits and Work website of how each claimant will be scored.

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Dering Interview on File on Four (BBC Radio 4)

Transcript kindly provided by Claire of Team Hado.

File on Four

Part of a programme looking more widely and whether charities be trusted to run public services well and honestly?

Dering section ā€“ 11.40

While the impact of reorganisation is troubling some volunteers, what concerns many managersĀ of charities is the future financing of public sector contracts. They worry that, while they might beĀ about to get a bigger slice of the cake, the cake itself is shrinking rapidly under the Chancellorā€™s cuts,Ā and thereā€™s real anxiety amongst smaller groups that they may face severe financial pressure fromĀ the way public sector contracts are awarded.Read More »Dering Interview on File on Four (BBC Radio 4)